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Community Development Financial Institutions and Charter School Finance

This map provides a user-friendly reference guide to the community-based financial institutions acting as intermediaries between the Federal Government and charters schools through the Department of Education’s Credit Enhancement Program. By moving the slider at the bottom of the page, users will see the financial institution's name, an icon for the state in which the institution is headquartered, as well as the shaded areas indicating where that institution’s funding is made available. By clicking on the icon, users can find a description of institution and a link to its website.

The map is a joint project of the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) and the NuLawLab, both based at Northeastern University School of Law. PHRGE’s Executive Director, Kevin Murray, conceived the map and Margot de Costerd and Ethan A. Dazelle designed and researched it with the assistance of Jules Rochielle Sievert, Creative Director of the NuLawLab.

Margot de Costerd is a junior majoring in history at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Her interests include computer mapping, data visualization, and the use of technology to advance human rights.

Ethan A. Dazelle is a third-year law student pursuing a JD/MBA at University of Massachusetts School of Law. His interests include human rights, foreign policy, and researching enforcement mechanisms in international law.

The Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) at Northeastern University School of Law was founded in 2005 to engage in study, promotion, implementation and constructive critique of rights-based approaches to economic development and social transformation. PHRGE supports cutting edge human rights scholarship and movement-building, with particular focus on economic, social and cultural rights, and works with students to ensure that human rights perspectives will continue to be vital to future generations of scholars and advocates.

The NuLawLab at Northeastern University School of Law was founded in 2013. It is the nation’s first U.S. law school interdisciplinary innovation laboratory. NuLawLab works to imagine, design, test, and implement pioneering approaches to legal empowerment and data representation. 

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