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Three Years of Water-and-Sanitation Related Eviction Proceedings in Sweden

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This map was prepared as an accompaniment to Inconvenient Human Rights: Access to Water and Sanitation in Sweden’s Informal Roma Settlements, a report of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Södertörn University, and the NuLawLab of Northeastern University School of Law.  By navigating through the 80+ incidents contained in this map, you can explore three years of water-and-sanitation related eviction proceedings initiated by municipalities against informal settlements on municipally owned land of vulnerable EU citizens in Sweden.  These proceedings underscore the persistent discrimination against vulnerable EU citizens by Swedish municipalities, despite international human rights norms that secure the rights to water and sanitation for all. 

How to use this map:   Click on any individual point on the map to view more information about the eviction proceeding. This map can be shared on social media or by email by using the "share" button in the upper right-hand corner of the map.  Individual eviction proceedings can be shared on social media or by email by using the "share" button in the header of the information window.

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  • Botkyrka 2014
  • Botkyrka 2015
  • Danderyd 2014
  • Goteborg 2014
  • Goteborg 2015
  • Haninge 2014
  • Huddinge 2014
  • Huddinge 2015
  • Karlstad 2014
  • Malmö 2015
  • Mölndal 2014
  • Salem 2015
  • Skara 2015
  • Skarpnack 2015
  • Söllentuna 2014
  • Stockholm 2013
  • Stockholm 2014
  • Stockholm 2015
  • Stockholm 2016
  • Uddevalla 2015
  • Uppsala 2014
  • Uppsala 2015
  • Uppsala 2016
  • Vallentuna 2014